The US has always prided itself on the fact that it provides free education. When you are looking across the landscape of this world you can see that some places make the parents pay for their children to be in school. Well the US may not be quite so different when it is all laid out on the table. Free may not mean free anymore.

The standards that have been laid down for education are high but they are not being met. As such people will often complain that the educational standard is too low and that we need to do something about it. The answer to that is that the education is free and you should not complain. That is the wrong way of thinking.

In truth the costs of children attending school in the US are very high in most cases. While the school itself does not actually charge a fee, there are many other fees that are associated with it. As such you have to be sure that you are prepared for the costs that are going to come about when you have kids in school.

This is something that many new parents are just not sure of. As a rule you have to note that school itself, even the elementary years, is going to be a costly time. It can often put a strain on the finances that the parents have and this will be a burden that many cannot bear. Overall this needs to be discussed further for understanding.

Book Rental

One of the biggest expenses that you are going to have with school children is the book rental fees. You have to see that by the books being purchased by the school they want to recoup the money they have spent. So each child is charged a fee for each book per year. This can run into the hundreds of dollars overall.


Another expense that many of the schools are charging is something known as consumables. This refers to the papers, inks, and so on that the teachers will pass out to each student. As a rule you have to see that this is also charged on top of the book rental fees. So again the fees will begin to compound as you go on.


With many schools switching to the uniform code in an effort to keep everyone looking the same there is a lot more expense coming into play. Each parent is responsible for paying a rental fee for each uniform that is used per year and there is also the deposit for damage and the clean up fees that are always charged.

As you can see there is no such thing as a free education in the US. Sure, there are some schools that have programs for the needy but in most cases the schools will still charge these folks a more simplified version of the fees. So they are still paying for the so called free education just like everyone else.